The Alaskan Railroad

There is just something so romantic about trains. I don't know how to explain what or even why that is or is it just me?

As we drove along the Turnagin Arm, south of Anchorage, we were joined by an Alaskan cargo train.

This train intrigued me and I wanted to follow it to wherever it was going. We watched as it weaved in and out of the curves of the mountains.

We Stopped to take pictures when it ran beside us along the edge of the water.
We even had to pull over when we got too far ahead and almost missed that friendly wave from the engineer as he chugged along above us and then disappeared into the trees.
I wonder what he thought as he threw his hand up to give me a warm "hello" and if he realized that I had stood patiently on the edge of that narrow road for quite awhile, as the traffic hurried past us, just to get a closer look at him. (Here I am, as I wait intently, for the engineer)

Here you can see the cars for quite some distance being pulled along to some unknown destination. It reminds me of the storybook that I read countless times to my young boys years ago, "The caboose who got loose". They would sit and listen as I told about Katy the caboose and her adventures with such wide eyes. Sometimes it seemed that I could almost hear the little wheels (of their minds) spinning. Such an adventure, and in my book, quite romantic. 


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