The long long ride...

The average person may not realize this, I know I didn't until I was forced to come face to face with hard cold facts of reality: there is no easy way to get to Alaska! From Birmingham I have to take 3 different airplanes with a total of over 3,000 miles of flying and no less than a 12 hour day. Exhausting to say the least!

Along the way I encountered so many different people all going so many different places until I made my way to my last boarding gate to Anchorage Alaska. This group of people were much more focused than the tourists and vacationers that I had stood beside earlier in the day. These travelers understood the long ride ahead of them and for everyone on that plane, this was the final destination. There was no connection to be made or a next stop.

There was no causal dress of tank tops with hopes of warm weather, shorts or even sandals. Most of these travelers were on their way home it seems to that "Big Wild Life" in Alaska. It was almost calming to me to feel their sense of peace to be on their way home after their visits to the lower 48. I was not sure what to expect and this was definitely uncharted territory for me!

At the end of an extremely long and draining day of hustle and bustle, I found myself exiting the plane into a very warm and inviting airport. Maybe the most interesting and prettiest that I have ever visited. The walls were laden with so much history, harvested animals were displayed in glass cases and even an airplane hung from the ceiling. It was immediately apparent of the deep pride and sense of satisfaction in the rich heritage of the Alaskan people.

I wish that I had taken the time to get more photo's at the airport. It almost seemed like I was in a museum. Instead, I rushed off to meet my friends, and they whisked me away into the daylight, even though it was after 10 o'clock at night! (That would be
1:00 am in Birmingham!)

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