Moose on the Loose!!!

One of the most intriguing things about Alaska is of course the wildlife. It was amazing to me how everyone just accepts the fact that there are moose grazing on the side of the road and even signs reminding you that they are in the area. The possibility of finding a bear in your trash can is a common incident as well! Now, that was something that I hoped I did not encounter, but obviously some friends were having trouble with in their neighborhood. The family had to order a special trash container from the city that is "bear proof". I really wanted to go and take a picture of this special container but I felt I might be pushing the tourist thing just a little on that one! (I could just picture my very gracious host rolling his eyes at that request!)

I did, however look out my car window as we pulled up to a stop sign and find a moose grazing right there not 10 feet away! He didn't seem to mind the noise of the traffic and none of the drivers seemed to care or even notice him. I wasn't quick enough to get a picture before the light turned green, but the next time I spotted one off the road we did a u-turn and went back for the shot.

Here's another shot of a moose who is making himself at home in a well populated neighborhood, helping himself to breakfast! Now, that's a big moose!

Here in B'ham we get all excited when we see a wild rabbit, possum and especially a deer!
It really is a "Big Wild Life" there...

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