Yes! It is Beautiful

The one question everyone wanted to know, “was it as beautiful as everyone says?” Of course it is! It’s Alaska isn’t it?

In Anchorage there are mountains on every side and everywhere you look. In the middle of spring there is still snow covering the very tops of everything that I could see. Yes, even I, the "southern girl" loved it!

The air was clean, fresh and always cold, but the sun was warm and always up! I didn’t see the sun set during my stay, however I was assured that it did go down while I wasn't watching.

The snow at the tops of the mountains were busy melting in the warm sun causing lots of small waterfalls along the bottom half. Actually, the melt down can cause some flooding problems in areas, but most of that was cleared up before my visit in May.

Oh, YES! Breathtakingly beautiful!

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