Busy, Busy, Busy!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I haven’t updated my blog in months! I have been a little busy this summer with moving to Alaska and all though…give me a break won’t ya? I know I promised that I’d keep you updated and post pictures, so I’ve been writing in my head and snapping shots every chance I get….honest! I don’t have long but I thought I would post a few lines and some pictures and then go back to where I left off next time I post.

When we arrived in Alaska, we had just left a southern heat wave where we were facing 95 to 97 degree days for weeks with the heat index well into the 100’s. I was actually looking forward to the cooler temps. Even though people in Anchorage were sweltering with the mid 70’s they were getting I was feeling no pain! Shorts and flip flops were the going thing first of July. If only that had lasted a little while longer! By mid-month it was back in the usual summer 60’s with rain expected most days.

The rain is not anything like I’m used to here. In the south when it rains you can expect downpours, flash flooding and most of the time thunder and lightning. Up here, it just kind of drizzles. It doesn’t cause the temperatures to drop or an increase in humidity, it’s just wet.

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