Winter in Alaska!

Winter is here and right outside my livingroom window! It really is a beautiful sight to look at and yes, it is such a peaceful scenery. The thing is...when you have somewhere to go and it is 6 below ZERO and you are used to 60 degrees in November, it is quite a transition! Walking out the door is really no big deal, the first minute or two is a piece of cake as well. Then, about the time you think you have this under control, your nose starts to feel extremely heavy as the frost sets in on the little hairs inside and the tips of your ears begin to feel tingly and a bit painful. You grab your scarf and pull it up around your chin and try to cover your mouth and nose, but it's really too late. The wonders of the cold have set in and now have every part of your extremities well aware of their predicament. At this point you have one of two options....head for the indoors, quickly I might add, or endure a great amount of frozen pain. For me, I head for cover-the closest heater vent or fireplace will do!!! It is soooo beautiful from behind a glass window isn't it?

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