The road to work...

Frozen as it may be, it is the road that I must travel. Honestly, I didn't know that you were allowed to drive when there was ice on the streets! Ha! You think I'm kidding? Not at all! In the south, when it snows, the city officials, news broadcasters, and of course your mother, will beg you not to get out in your car! I, being a "good" little southern girl have pretty much followed those rules all of my life. I remember only one foolish attempt at driving after a freeze and that was a very short trip! During the other snow and ice storms I encountered I sat happily at home sipping hot chocolate, putting together a puzzle and making sure everyone was warm in the treacherous 32 degree weather! (By the way, it's 11 degrees tonight!)

In Alaska, you just slip and slide along until you reach your destination. No one even thinks about staying in, slowing down or using the snow or ice as a reason not to go. Much to my teen-agers dismay, the school buses keep arriving to pick up the kids and take them to school. Snow days -off are unheard of! They don't even believe in "delays" up here! Actually, it usually doesn't get any better throughout the day. There is almost always ice on the roads! Oh well..there is something to be said for keeping up the pace.

At least you don't have to sit up late, watching the last news broadcast, to see what counties have declared closings for schools. (Did you know there aren't any counties in AK?) Or get up early to see if there is a chance of a little patch of ice on an overpass somewhere in the area which would cause havoc and more tragedy than they are prepared for. In which case we should all just stay home!

I had no idea there was a part of the country that just slips and slides their way through the snow covered icy road on their usual journey. I for one have learned to be quite the slider. The first thing you learn is of course:


Guess why??? Simply said, because you will not stop. You will just slide and probably end up in a sideways manner. At that point you are out of control... A scenario that I try to avoid!

There have been a few close calls where my heart stopped beating and I think that I forgot to breathe for a few seconds. Like, the first day that the temperatures rose up to right above freezing with several inches of snow on the ground. Snow, that beautiful white stuff begins to melt at that point, but quickly freezes with the very next cold breeze. That leaves you with nothing but a sheet of ice across what used to be known as the road! I thought the snow was tricky to drive on and just getting used to it too! Oh well, if I'm in for an adventure at least I am positive that I will not be disappointed!

As for intelligent, knowledgable or thoughtful tips on driving in the snow or on the ice? I have only one. Don't, not even for a second, think that the stuff beneath your tires, even if it just looks like snow mixed with the sand, is not slippery. Slippery enough to slide you right through to the medium, or the other side of the road, even when that is not where you were heading!

Frozen and Beautiful!

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