The Seasons of the Mountains

Vast mountains surround the city of Anchorage from every direction. It seems that no matter where I am, I constantly look up and find myself in total awe of the immense and breath taking view. I want to share some of the pictures that I have taken over the past year with you, my friends. Enjoy!

Throughout the year, I have watched the colors change from vibrant greens to golds and reds. Now just as amazinginly beautiful, all I see is the snow covered colors of white. Each season, I'm taken in and believe that its my favorite time, until winter captures us once again, and the beauty of the vivid white mountains, fields, trees and even roads conquer the city.

It is truly a winter wonderland, with fresh blankets of snow falling, to cover the sand and gravel that was laid to make our way passable.The streets may be messy and the common areas trampled, but when I look up the view is always nothing less than breath taking.

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