WINTER has descended

With flakes of snow, surprising a sleeping city, it is confirmed that winter is upon us. The weather forecasts all said, "no snow," on Monday night October 29th. I stayed up late (yes, 10:30 is late at my house!) just to watch. Reassured that we had no worries, the city of Anchorage slept soundly, expecting to find things as we left them in the mornings light. Although, the morning light, would not actually happen until much later.

"It snowed," were the first words I heard early that morning. My husbands tone was solemn and matter of fact.  Alas, the dreaded four letter word and even more dreaded, the ground already frozen and now blanketed with 3 inches of the white stuff. It would make for a frenzied and somewhat dangerous drive to work for those that must go. That first snow was always tricky. Everyone seems to forget how to drive between the months of May and September!

The school buses would still arrive on time and everyone is expected to keep scheduled appointments and deadlines, you just have to do it while trying not to slide off the road! The roads are plowed, mostly, but there is still a lot of snow. Here's my first drive of the season! (I made it safely to work, but it took me much longer than usual.)

                                                               Yes, that is the moon!





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