It's Fur Rondy 2013 in Anchorage Alaska and it starts off with the sled dog races! They block off miles of roads right down the middle of the city and build up these snow laden tracks. Pretty cool and to top it off, I just walked 500 ft. out the back door of my office to watch for a few minutes during my lunch break!

It's really exciting to be so close and the dogs are incredible. The racers love to hear the cheers from the crowds and the fans line up all along the roads just to support the event. The worst thing about it is that its sooo cold! Your standing on a solid sheet of frozen ground with layers and layers of snow on top of it. My feet are the first thing to go and then my nose usually tells me it's time to go in. It was a little warmer yesterday than it was last year when I went to watch the Iditarod races but it was cold just the same with temps barely above 20 degrees.

You gotta love Alaskan traditions! Fur Rondy is actually a festival. There is a lot more to it than just the sled dog races. There are foot races and reindeer races and even a parade! The whole city is buzzing and everyone is doing something to join in. I guess it's kinda like football season in the south, almost...