Is anyone missing winter? Definitely not me! Just because the temperatures have been off the charts and Alaska has made national news due to our little heat wave, it seems everyone is complaining! Well, the fact that there is no air conditioning in our homes or businesses doesn't help things much either. Funny enough, there have been reports of a fan shortage in the city as well as bug repellent!  But, if your loving the intense sunshine that is showering this great city lately, be warned! It will most assuredly pass as quickly as the midnight sun!
It's not that Alaskans like the cold or prefer it over the heat. It's mostly that we are not prepared for it. Our bodies, ( yes that does include me, unfortunately) acclimate to the cooler temps and our blood thickens to accommodate the extreme cold. Usually, the milder summers with only a few days with a 70 degree sweltering high, are tolerable.
This summer took awhile to take off, with snow even in May, but once it did it got serious and spewed wonderful hot and dry sunshine everywhere! There has been an array of upper 70 and 80 degree days all across the state of Alaska. Compared to the past 4 summers that I have spent here this is quite the event.  This southern girl is not complaining, even in my sweatiest moments, I'll take sunshine over cool and rainy any day.
Just in case you are missing the winter or think you'd rather have those snow days back, I have a few pictures to remind you. Although the snow makes everything beautiful, it also brings it's own discomforts. 




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