It's May, but it feels like a southern October!

I recently found this draft from last year this same time. I'm guessing that life got busy as it tends to do and I didn't find the time to finish this and post it.  I hesitated to post it now, then realized most of it was relevant for this year as well! Some things just don't change around here even when we think it will be different next time. I will say that we did not have those high accumulations of snow fall this year and definitely didn't set any records, thank goodness! However, it seemed to take forever for spring to decide to show up and find her place, but once she did we were showered with more sunshine than we've seen in many years!( Sunshine is a good thing!)

"With the new month of May rolling around you'd expect even warmer temps,right? It just doesn't work that way in Alaska. You have to wrap your head around the fact that it's back in the mid 40's and we shed our sweaters and are back in jackets.

Oh well, easy come, easy go. Only one problem, its really not that easy to come by! Back in mid April we found ourselves basking in some very intense sunshine. After 164 inches of snow, this winter, it was more welcome than anyone in the "lower 48" could imagine.  That much snow was actually more than most Alaskans could imagine and much more than we ever wanted!

Did I mention that the all time record for snow fall was broken this season? You'd think we'd be giving high fives or something, but no, just make it go away was more the attitude. (if nowhere else, it was the attitude at my house and namely from "me!")

It was pretty enough and definitely gave all the sportsman plenty to do, but mostly, it was a lot of work.


Now, that most of that snow has melted and we are all desperate for spring the week had delivered another disappointment: cold air and even snow flurries in some areas. As I pulled my jacket tighter around me this afternoon I was reminded of the fall air of an October in Alabama."

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