Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Bear season is in full swing in the Anchorage area, once again.  Sometime in April the black bear population comes out of hibernation and begins to wander around the city. I know that statement was rather matter of fact said, but honestly, it is just that; matter of fact. The bears are out and BEWARE! They are everywhere!
My husband was out in a neighborhood on hillside last week and caught this guy just crossing the street. I'm not sure if he was going home or going hunting, but for those homeowners in the area I'm hoping they have all of their small animals and trash cans secured!

He's a cute little guy and I love how free they roam even in our very domesticated city.
Mostly, the bears are going after your trash, (and chickens- but that's another story!) sifting through and finding something edible. If your trash cans are regularly attracting bear activity your neighbors and the city will encourage you to order a "bear proof" trash can to deter your smart bear from visiting your feeding station.
The first time I heard of an enraged neighbor demanding that the homestead down the street get "the bear proof trash receptacle" I was more than a little amused! However, I quickly disguised my smiles as concerns and realized what a big deal this really is. No one wants these cute little cuddly teddy bears hanging around. Sadly, black bears are dangerous and destructive. They are at their best in the wild and nothing more than a nuisance in the city limits.
 I will continue to enjoy watching for the bears that prowl around in the city, but also make sure that I don't do any of the things that might attract one to hang around.
Reporting from the city of "The Big Wild Life," Joann Walters signing off for now!

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