The only reason I'm familiar with the term, "March Madness" is because, yes, of course, you guessed it, my husband has it blaring from the TV this week. I'm not interested  in the least or care to even pretend to be, although I think he'd like that. Sorry dear, you're on your own with all those basketball games!

My thoughts for March Madness go in a completely different direction, like the recent foot and a half of snow that showered down on us here in the city of Anchorage! I know, when you live in Alaska you would expect it to SNOW at any time, but seriously friends, I'm ready for spring! This is just pure MADNESS!

 It's been a fairly mild winter, although some first timers for AK winters may not feel that way at all, I've experienced worse. It's definitely been cold, we've had our share of snow and ice, but nothing really extreme with either of those. UNTIL... things began to warm up, most of the roads were clear, the ice was breaking up and people thought just that.. we are having an early break-up. And those uneducated newbies were actually thinking that we were experiencing spring with the rest of the country. It was quite the rude awakening last Saturday morning when we awoke to 13" of the white stuff and it wasn't finished until some areas got about 18".

 It came on with a vengeance Friday evening just in time for five o'clock rush hour. It seems that even the regulars had forgotten how to drive in the stuff. The reports continued to mount for the number of cars pulled out of the ditches and wrecks in general. Many, not unlike the one pictured below, posted by KWHL Alaska's Rock found themselves upside down!

Now, this is what I call, "March Madness!"

I have to admit, it is beautiful, and the brightness seemed to raise everyone's spirits a little. However, with that amount of snow comes a lot of work and even this southern girl found herself doing her share of shoveling. Another one of my least favorite things to do!


Even with these road conditions the general population of Anchorage does not stay home or even slow down. It's MARCH MADNESS.