Pensacola Florida in the fall!

My moms side of the family planned a really big Thanksgiving get together in south Alabama this year and my family all got together in a HUGE condo in Pensacola Florida on the intra coastal water way. It was a great condo, wonderful time and a fantastic setting! We were just arriving into Pensacola at the end of our four and a half hour trip and finding our way to the place we were staying. There was an awesome view as we came across the bridge on the Blue Angel Parkway and saw the sun setting in the distance. As my husband and I gasped at the gorgeous view we both noted this huge building set out right on the water and agreed it was one of the best locations in sight. Funny enough, even though we would be turning the opposite direction on the other side of that bridge somehow we weaved around those small white sandy edged roads to that same building and pulled up to "our" condo which was indeed the best around!

There were 21 people, 8 kids and 13 adults, all lovingly piled on top of each other day in and day out throughout the week. We were having such a great time that nobody noticed. Really, everyone wasn't there at the same times and even so, we are a very close knit family used to being..well, close! It was the first time in a few years that my four brothers and I have all been with my mom and dad at the same time. It's one of those great times that you get that family photo that'll stand for generations to come, right???? Oh, well, we forgot to get the family photo before one of my brothers and his family left to go back to Virginia... Ok, so we just HAVE to do this again soon!!
I hope you were able to be blessed with visiting family and friends during the holiday. Even a phone visit can be comforting and bring a blessing  After all, life is just too short not to love the loved ones in your life!
Pictured below is my husband and I at Gulf Shores beach right down the road after our Thanksgiving dinner with family and my oldest daughter with two of my grandsons. It was a gorgeous day!


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