Sweet Georgia on my mind!

A good friend of mine moved to Georgia recently and "us" girls planned a little get away trip to Savannah! Two of us drove over from Birmingham and then another friend drove down from South Carolina and we proceeded to embark on our all girl, all fun weekend!

We started with a couple hour drive over and our first stop was our hotel. Now, we weren't planning on driving around after dark looking for hot spots because that's just not how you do things in Savannah. So we booked our hotel right on the "River Walk" at the "Cotton Sail" hotel. It wasn't very impressive when we first pulled up and come to think of it, it really wasn't that impressive after check in either. Now, don't get me wrong. It was nice and VERY old and historical which I truly love and I enjoyed all the lazy Savannah traditions like ice cold lemonade available 24/7 and the adorable gathering areas out front that scream, "come sit for a spell, y'all!"

As far as all the bells and whistles though... there really weren't any. That would have been all right and I'm not all about the fanciest show in town, but we laid down some pretty shiny pennies for no bells or even a whistle. There really isn't a price tag that could be placed on our incredible weekend though! It was all worth it and I have no complaints.


We pulled up out front which makes this hotel look fairly small and not at all like the 6 story building that it really is. There's a few parking spaces, but to our surprise ALL of the parking is valet. We noticed that parking seemed to be an issue in this area for most building owners and patrons the same. I guess back when these buildings were designed no one was driving cars!
The Cotton Sail is an old refurbished Cotton warehouse from the 1800's. You can almost smell the history as you unload and enter the front doors. The best part of valet parking was Harold. He met us as we pulled up and unloaded all of those bags for us, (you can imagine four women, right?) escorted us to the front desk and then up to our rooms. He was a gem and I dare say one of the best parts of our stay!
After getting settled in our rooms we quickly hit the streets. We had reservations at none other than Savannah's own best southern cook's restaurant "Lady and Son's" by Paula Deen. The streets were gorgeous and it was a short 3 minute walk which we thoroughly enjoyed and could not take in enough scenery. Take it from me, it's not a good idea to text and walk around there! I almost lost it when I stepped off the sidewalk. Thankfully I was fine.
This was the scenery on our walk to the restaurant. Every block was just packed full of beautiful old buildings, huge draping 200 year old trees, (or more) trolley cars and horse drawn carriages.

We just missed Paula Deen by one week we noticed as we approached the door and there was a flyer stating that she'd be in town the next week end. I'm sure we wouldn't be able to get close to the place so we were all happy that she wasn't making an appearance.
The atmosphere was very southern and everyone was nice. Well, maybe except our waiter when I didn't order that famous sweet tea! I've never been shunned for ordering a glass of water in my life! He's obviously not used to it. They were very impressive with a slice of lemon AND a sprig of mint floating on top. I probably did miss a treat, but I just can't do caffeine that late in the day, y'all. 
I'm glad we went and now I've been there and done that! Fried green tomatoes anyone??
Thanks for sharing Cheryle!
This is the four of us in front of the Christmas tree in Paula Deen's gift shop.
Tonya, me, Deb and Cheryle
I've never seen so many replica's of butter in my life! Even sticks of butter for ornaments!
I simply adore this coffee mug that one of the ladies picked up for herself and so agree with Paula,
"It's a Southern Thing!"

After our late lunch we rested for about three minutes and then hit the street again, but this time on the other side of the hotel. Yeah.. the river walk side. You can walk all night up and down that cobblestone road! It was very pretty with the lights glowing on the water and all of the old buildings with there little shops and restaurants all with their own personalities. I think we stopped at almost all of them!

It was great fun with great ladies and I'm so glad that we went. On the way home after doing our share of more shopping we caught ourselves planning our next trip to Savannah!
I truly can't wait!